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A Shared Space

For Members Alicia and Larry Van Riggs, Friday Nights @ OMCA is a family favorite.

Vision Quest

Photographer and Member Joel Flory reflects on OMCA’s inspirational place in his life.

Ziggurat: Party With a Personality and a Purpose

Join together to celebrate Oakland and OMCA at this annual evening of unconventional fundraising.

Collection Spotlight Summer

An iconic photograph resonates across decades and cultures, as seen in this reinterpretation by a Black Panther Party artist.

Thought Leader Julie Fry

President and CEO of California Humanities Julie Fry discusses the importance of cultural narratives and conversations.

Thought Leader Zachary Norris

Talking racial and social equality with the executive director of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights.

Math Bass and the Imperial Court SF

In OMCA’s new Over the Top exhibition, familiar elements take on new or unspecified meanings.

Dorothea Lange: Politics of Seeing

From Depression-era migrant farm workers to Japanese-Americans in World War II internment camps, Dorothea Lange captured the tremendous spirit of our nation’s people.

Realia and Regalia

Getting pinned, crowned, or decorated takes on whole new meanings at the Imperial Court of San Francisco, where subversive glamour knows no limits.

Thought Leader Tina Takemoto

The boundary-breaking Bay Area artist and activist Tina Takemoto discusses how daring explorations of queer culture and identity can educate, entertain, and drive change.

Ambiguity Rules

In Over the Top, works by artist Math Bass are juxtaposed with objects from the Imperial Court of San Francisco, raising thought-provoking questions about the way symbols function when shifted in context and orientation.

The Art of Roy De Forest

The paintings and sculptures of Roy De Forest both inspire and amuse.