Family Connection

Her son’s love of OMCA inspired Melissa Davis to become a Member and champion of the Museum

When fashion editor Melissa Davis moved from New York to San Francisco in 2000, she “came for the weather and stayed for everything else,” she says. She soon married, moved to Oakland, and started a PR agency called Ruby Press—now based in downtown Oakland. When she started taking her three-year-old son, Sammy, to OMCA in 2013, she found an exciting place for both of them to enjoy.

“I fell in love with the fact that we could have a really fun, interactive experience at the Museum,” Davis remembers. “OMCA had things that Sammy could touch, open, and spin, and it made him think of museums as cool places to go. He loves OMCA so much that he even knows its open days and hours better than I do. It’s a major part of our life as a family.”

She and Sammy are such fans of OMCA that they were invited to be included in the Museum’s 2016 Museum of Us advertising campaign. Davis also wrote about OMCA  in her 2013 book, This Is Oakland: A Guide to the City’s Most Interesting Places, and she served on the planning committee for the Museum’s 2016 Ziggurat fundraising gala.

“I had attended Ziggurat the year before and was blown away and inspired by the event,” she says. “The party isn’t stuffy or formal, and the crowd is fun and diverse in every way. It feels like Oakland to me, and I love being part of it.”

Davis says that a great way to get a taste of what OMCA offers is to come to Friday Nights @ OMCA—and bring your friends to share the experience.

“OMCA is one of the most exciting places Oakland has to offer,” she adds. “Since my family discovered it, we’ve had so many outstanding experiences that I’ve become a real champion of the Museum.”

Photography: Terry Lorant (Melissa Davis).

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