Shoes for a Cause

Stephen Curry

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry’s recent auction donation in support of Ghost Ship fire victims confirms the reigning league MVP is not just a champion on the court—he’s a champion for community as well. 

Following the tragic fire on Dec. 2, Curry commissioned and wore two pairs of custom-decorated court shoes honoring the 36 people who perished. He then donated the sneakers to an auction benefiting the Oakland Fire Relief Fund; the two pairs raised $45,201.

“My goal in wearing these shoes was not only to honor the victims who lost their lives that night but also to raise awareness for the relief efforts that are underway,” says Curry.

Now, Museum visitors can see the sneakers, along with a third pair of Curry-worn kicks, as part of a special display outside the Great Hall, current home to the Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture exhibition. Guests are also encouraged to reflect on their own connections to the Oakland community.

“As a cultural hub where the community in Oakland comes together, the Museum aims to provide a space to gather together for support, healing, and solidarity,” says OMCA Director and CEO Lori Fogarty. “These shoes are a representation of the generosity within our community, as well as a way to continue to honor those who perished in the tragic fire. The Warriors’ team spirit inspires fans to feel a special connection to this community.”

Photography: Courtesy of Golden State Warriors.

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