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Don’t miss these three masterworks by J.B. Blunk, all on view in the greater Bay Area.

Designed in the late ’60s, about the same time as The Planet, Blunk’s interactive installation at the University of California at Santa Cruz comprises a simple horizontal slab bench and a massive seating sculpture. Students are encouraged to carve their own messages and designs into the bench, while the larger work provides an organic seating area. Both pieces are located outside of Stevenson College.

In 1979, Blunk was commissioned to produce an installation for noted vegetarian restaurant Greens in San Francisco. This impressive piece is made up of a three-ton redwood tower, as well as an assortment of small, round tables and stools that were all cut from one massive redwood stump.

That same year, Blunk created Magic Boat for the California Orientation Center for the Blind in Albany. This giant cradlelike seating sculpture is designed for those with impaired vision in mind and invites tactile appreciation.

Photography: Courtesy of J.B. Blunk Collection (Seating installation at the University of California, Santa Cruz).  

J.B. Blunk: Nature, Art & Everyday Life is supported in part by the Oakland Museum Women’s Board and members of the Donor Forum.

J.B. Blunk

OMCA features the work of California original J.B. Blunk, who combined nature and art in exquisitely crafted functional sculptures.

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