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Snag a Gift from Nature’s Gift

Nature’s Gift: Humans, Friends & the Unknown—OMCA’s collaboration with artist collective FriendsWithYou—offers visitors a rare opportunity to see the world through an enchanted lens. An in-gallery pop-up store features playful items, such as kaleidoscopes and hula hoops, designed to heighten the experience of Nature’s Gift. In addition, the OMCA Store is offering gifts and products that capture a bit of the installation’s world of wonder. We know you’ll want to take a piece of the magic home with you!

The Pop-Up Store

Check out the fun merch on offer here—and explore how it can enhance the multisensory world of Nature’s Gift. Magic Marble Kaleidoscopes, for example, transform the installation into mesmerizing, ever-changing shapes, and the classic Duncan Limelight light-up Yo-Yo will keep you spinning in the light. Or work your best hip-shaking moves with the LED Hula Hoop, which, when activated, will add even more dazzle to the gallery experience.

The OMCA Store

FriendsWithYou adapted their signature cloud shape—which the artists describe as “an enduring symbol of love and guidance on a light-filled path”—into some of the collectible items on sale at the OMCA Store. The cheery Little Cloud Lamp and the Little Cloud Pocket Amulet, for example, are both meant to restore a bit of radiant, childlike wonder to our busy lives.

Other just-for-the-fun-of it items on sale—such as Illooms Light Up balloons—offer cool opportunities to tap into your inner artist. Why not experiment with different lights, shapes, and sounds, and create your own artwork at home, inspired by Nature’s Gift?

For more information, visit the OMCA Store.

Photography: Courtesy of FriendsWithYou and Case Studyo.

Nature’s Gift: Humans, Friends & the Unknown is supported in part by the Oakland Museum Women’s Board.

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