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What’s new and now at OMCA, with eyes towards the future

Oakland photographer Brittani Sensabaugh, who contributed to OMCA’s RESPECT: Hip-Hop Style & Wisdom, discusses the power of Hip-Hop, the inspiration behind her vibrant photography, and Oakland’s beauty.

OMCA’s 1920s double turntable is an opportunity to delve into the history of a DJ’s favorite instrument.

Don’t miss the OMCA Store’s one-day collaboration with the California College of Arts.

Photography: Ace Lehner (CCA Made, Trending Now Home Page Teaser Image).

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CCA Made at the OMCA Store

California College of Arts joins forces with the OMCA Store for one day only.

Collection Spotlight

OMCA reveals the early history of a DJ’s favorite instrument.

Thought Leader Brittsense

An Oakland photographer discusses Hip-Hop and art.