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What’s New and Now at OMCA—and Beyond

Introducing three new team members who bring expertise and exciting visions to the Museum. 

Curator Drew Johnson connects the dots between two images, both of which have special significance at OMCA: one, a work created in 1972 by a Black Panther Party artist, and two, Dorothea Lange’s iconic 1936 photo, Migrant Mother

Meet thought leader Julie Fry, President & CEO of Cal Humanities, whose support of cultural programs and conversations is helping build connections throughout California.

Photography: Odell Hussey Photography (Home Page Trending Now Teaser Image).

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Thought Leader Julie Fry

President and CEO of California Humanities Julie Fry discusses the importance of cultural narratives and conversations.

Meet the Team

Three inspiring new members of the OMCA team share what they love most about the Museum’s collections.

Collection Spotlight

An iconic photograph resonates across decades and cultures, as seen in this reinterpretation by a Black Panther Party artist.